Can be used as safety crib or safety bed for nightwandering autistic children

Customized Beds for Your Loved One

What started out as Abram’s Bed has become Sally’s Bed, Tim’s Bed, Jake’s bed...and can soon be Your Bed.

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a travel bed which is enclosed and safe and offers a safe space for special needs children

Why Us?

Simple, because no other special needs bed system offers this kind of enclosure, durability, portability and customization in one product.

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Customize your bed according to your special needs

The Safety Sleeper™ at a Glance:

– Ease of travel with our portable beds
– Custom solutions with bed accessories that support your needs
– Durable yet soft structure that will allow your loved one to
   sleep safe and secure
– Protection from entrapment with our coverlet system provides
    a safe space to rest
30 Day money back guarantee and Limited warranty because
   we stand behind our products
– Experienced customer service who understands your needs & cares
   about providing you with a solution that will benefit your family

The Safety Sleeper was developed as a special needs bed for Rose's autistic child

How The Safety Sleeper™ came to be

I am a loving mother of three children the middle of which is Abram who is on the autism spectrum. Like many other families who have a loved one with special needs, I struggled with finding a good solution to protecting my son at night. There was no product on the market that could support my son's sleeping issues, night wanderings, temper melt-downs and give us the freedom to be a typical family. I feared for Abram's safety and out of that fear, The Safety Sleeper™ was developed. » Read more...     » Watch video...

We pride ourselves in helping special needs families

The Safety Sleeper™ Sales Team

has helped many special needs families taking care of their loved ones diagnosed with Austim, Angelman Syndrome, Smith Magenis Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer’s, Sleep Walking and other conditions. Their stories have touched our lives and are what keeps us moving forward in our product development and innovation. » What our customers have to say...

the Safety Sleeper offers safety for your loved one, security for you and sweet dreams for everyone

Our Mission — Our Values:   S. L. E. E. P.

We are committed to providing every caregiver who struggles with monitoring a loved one’s sleep issues the opportunity to have the same peace of mind we have had since Abram began sleeping in the Safety Sleeper™. We strive for The Safety Sleeper™ to become every customer's choice in their pursuit of creating a secure and safe environment for their loved one, every night, at home or wherever they may travel.

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Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone