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The Safety Sleeper: A safe, fully enclosed and portable bedsystem for children and adults with special needs
    A safe, fully enclosed and portable bedsystem for children and adults with special needs

"I really don't know how I have survived this long without The Safety Sleeper™..."

"I cannot easily put into words how much peace of mind we get from this bed... "

"What a huge blessing you have given us. I can't thank you enough!"


The Safety SleeperTM (Patent number: US 7,971,596 B2) is a safe, fully enclosed and portable bedframe for children and adults with special needs.

The Safety SleeperTM was designed by a mother of an autistic child after a long struggle to cope with her son's sleeping issues. The tent-like, robust structure encloses the mattress and sits on the box spring. It is portable, light-weight (under 30 lb) yet durable and easy to assemble in about five minutes. Whether you take The Safety SleeperTM to a friend's house or on a vacation, it will provide your child with the familiar surroundings they have when sleeping at home.
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Abram slept in The Safety SleeperTM from the time he was 2.5 years old till he turned seven. I can’t imagine how I could have gotten through those first few years without The Safety SleeperTM. As Abram got older, he was able to make the choice to sleep in The Safety SleeperTM fully open or closed. This past February, after Abram was excited by his sister’s new big girl bed, we bought Abram his first bunk bed! He loves the newness of being a big boy in his bunk bed, but now that we manufacture The Safety SleeperTM in our area, he still enjoys going to the workshop and climbing into them. This year for his birthday, I will be making The Safety SleeperTM for his bunk bed so he can have the best of both worlds.
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We are striving to provide every caregiver who struggles with monitoring a loved one's sleeping issues the opportunity to have the same peace of mind we did when our child slept in The Safety SleeperTM . Because the safety of those we love and security for the family is our utmost concern, we are always striving to improve The Safety SleeperTM and are more than happy to work with you to accomodate the special needs of your loved one.
>> Accessories and customization of The Safety SleeperTM

So far, The Safety SleeperTM has helped hundreds of families with children or adults suffering from a variety of mental and physical challenges that puts them at risk for unsafe situations at night.

If you have any questions about The Safety SleeperTM or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rose Morris
President, Abram's Bed