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Being Social and It’s Not On Facebook

Eye contact, showing interest, holding a conversation, Miss Manners may have gone by the wayside of the wall phone however good social skills have not! So how do we pry our kids away from the phones and video games to show them that social isn’t an app or on a… Read more »

Find Your Place in the Sun – 3 Easy Activities to Get The Family Outside

“I’m bored!” Two weeks into summer break and the whining begins. Do I look like “Julie McCoy, your cruise director?” (Shout out to The Love Boat!) No, but apparently the little minions who begged for sweet freedom from the routine of the school year have now decided that Mom is… Read more »

Safety Concerns for Those with Alzheimer’s or Autism

Despite the very different natures of Alzheimer’s and Autism, some of the safety concerns are the same. When it comes to identifying safety risks and preventing emergencies for an individual with autism or Alzheimer’s, you and your family are the best advocates, and most likely the people responsible for taking… Read more »