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Getting to know... Annick

Getting to know... Annick

March 3, 2014

Hi, my name is Annick. I was born and raised in France and moved to the States almost 20 years ago, after I met my wonderful husband, Bill, in Paris where we both worked for a big international company. My life radically changed then - going from being single, very involved in my job and living in the "City of Lights" to getting married, moving to the States, and starting a family in the suburbs! I was blessed with two children and enjoyed being a "stay-at-home" mom, raising them and teaching them how to navigate in their bilingual world.

Another big change in my life happened 9 months ago when I started working for my friend Rose who needed someone to sew beds. I loved to sew and have made clothes for my children and myself for years, so I offered to help make The Safety Sleeper enclosures. After I started working for Abram's Bed, I shared with Rose my experience in translation and interpretation with my previous employer's exporting department. Since then I have also helped to translate The Safety Sleeper website into French and be the liaison between French speaking customers and our office.

I wasn't thinking of going back to work before my daughter went to college, but I don't regret my decision at all. I love my job for its versatility and flexibility. I hope to continue advising our team using the skills & experience I have with foreign countries/languages and the export process. It is very nice in this time and age to work in a friendly atmosphere and to know that we are not only providing a high-quality product that helps families; but also providing them with peace of mind and allowing them to enjoy their precious children in a more safe, relaxed environment.

Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone