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Peace of Mind for Special Needs Families

Peace of Mind for Special Needs Families

Pittsburgh, PA, January 29, 2015

Rose Morris, founder of Abram’s Bed, has developed a fully enclosed bed system for children and adults with special needs, called The Safety Sleeper. People who are diagnosed with Autism, Angelman Syndrome, Smith Magenis Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and other diagnoses, struggle with night wandering, over-stimulation, and entrapment concerns that can put their lives as risk.

The dangers of wandering include possible drowning, exposure, dehydration, hypothermia, traffic injuries, falls, encounters with strangers, and many more.

The Safety Sleeper is a fully enclosed bed system that provides a safe place for children and adults to sleep while preventing unattended wandering. The enclosure also empowers him or her to wind down and go to sleep on his or her own, by reducing visual stimulation and the opportunity to play or roam.

Built from durable materials, including fabric rated at 375 pounds per square inch of pressure, steel rivets and nylon fittings, the Safety Sleeper stands up against the strongest meltdowns, jumping, pushing, pulling and anything else a person may attempt during activity, play or while winding down for the night.

The Safety Sleeper is FDA registered which assures customers that all products are recognized by a governing agency that monitors the safety of the consumer. FDA registration also increases that ability for a customer to receive insurance coverage for the product.

A unique feature to The Safety Sleeper is that it is portable, allowing families with special needs to be a typical family, traveling easily and safely. With lightweight aluminum and a hard cover carrying case, The Safety Sleeper is easy and convenient to protect in any travel situation.

Abram’s Bed serves families globally and in 2014 opened their first international office in Europe.

To learn more about Abram’s Bed, maker of The Safety Sleeper, visit or call 1-724-96-SLEEP ( 1-724-967-5337).

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