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Safety Tips from the Safety Sleeper Community

Safety Tips from the Safety Sleeper Community

January 4, 2016

Start the year off right with these safety tips! These come directly from parents of special needs children, so you know they’ve been tried and tested.  

Put fence around the backyard. If you have any gates in the fence, use self-closing pool gates with a powerful spring that swings them closed on their own.

Armoires, bookshelves, and cab inets! Climbing can be fun for kids so be sure to bolt large items of furniture to the wall to avoid potential disasters.

Extra latches and locks on doors. Door latches and locks should go up high out of the reach of children.

Key locks on medicine cabinets. Medicine can sometimes look like candy to a child. Key locks on all of your medicine cabinets will keep your little one safe.

Alarms on doors and windows. Wireless alarms can even be set up to work with a smartphone or tablet, making it easy for you to instantly know which door or window was opened.

Covers on electrical outlets and extension cords. If you have to use the electrical outlet, get the covers that go over the plug and the outlet.

Get a few video monitors. Modern video monitor systems can easily handle multiple cameras in multiple rooms. They’re perfect for keeping an eye on your child without following them around.

Keep them out of dangerous rooms. Gates can be set up in doorways to keep them out. If they can get around gates, then try locks with a keypad code.

Use the Safety Sleeper bed! Parents responded overwhelmingly that the Safety Sleeper kept their children safe at night.

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