Information for Wholesaler / DME Provider

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» Request a Wholesaler Account
If you would like to set up an account with payment terms, we ask that you submit the following:
W9 form
Credit Application

For information about wholesale pricing, requesting an estimate or setting up an online account; please contact
» Packaging of the The Safety Sleeper™

The Safety Sleeper™ is delivered with/in a travel suitcase. When shipped from our facilities, the suitcase is packed with foam filler to protect the enclosure from getting scratches on the metal frame components. We recommend that the end user keeps the packing material so the enclosure doesn't get scratched.

» Product Assembly: No service team required for delivery and/or setup!

Setup of The Safety Sleeper™ is easy takes less than 15 minutes. No hardware is required.

Assembly instruction sheet (PDF to print / download)
Assembly of the bed system (video demonstration)
Changing the coverlet (video demonstration)
Attaching the stabilizing straps (illustrations)
Disassembly (video demonstration)

» Requirements for Mattress Use

For daily use at home, a regular mattress is required.

The provided air mattress is for travel use only and not meant as a daily use item as outlined by the mattress manufacturer. Air mattresses will not stay inflated indefinitely and need to be checked regularly for refilling.

» Product Registration / Warranty

The Safety Sleeper™ includes a 100% satisfaction / 30-Day Money Back guarantee.
It also comes with a One (1) Year Limited Warranty.

To activate the warranty, your clients need to register their Safety Sleeper™ with us!

Customers who did not buy the bed system from Abram's Nation directly, need to register their Safety Sleeper with us and list the wholesale company they bought it through.
The registration process is very important and allows us to provide the best service such as making any repair or replacement easier for the end user.

Please consider walking your client through the warranty registration process!

Warranty information and registration

» The Abram's Nation Community

Please be assured that you can ask us any questions once you have received the bed system. Feel free to call, text or message us via Facebook!

Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone