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Custom Options and Accessories

People are created uniquely with personalities ranging from adventurous, bright, calm, creative, dynamic, energetic, and gentle. This is why we offer customization options, so that your bed can be functional and fun to fit your loved ones unique needs and personality.

Customize according to your special needs

Customize your bed color to match your personality

– Hot Pink to bring out that fun diva
– Sail Blue for the adventurous ones
– Heather Grey for the sophisticated ones*
– Royal Purple for the royal king or queen inside*
– Navy Blue for those with confidence
» Select bedframe according to mattress size

* At the moment, these colors are only available for our US customers.
protection and safety for special needs child

Add additional safety and comfort

Add additional safety and comfort to your bed by including bar cushions to protect your loved ones and keep him safe during down time or a seizure.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper™ with Frame Pads
Safety bed for children with Autism, Seizures, Epilepsy, Angelman’s Syndrome

Second bed entry point

Include a second bed entry point to add convenience or additional assistance for care taker.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper™ with a second or extended entry point
Customize your safety bed

Multifunctional access holes

Additional access holes can be inserted on the left and right sides of the enclosure to allow for multi-functional use such as for use with feeding tubes, oxygen tubing, pulse-ox sensors, monitors, etc. Two holes on each side, totaling four holes for your convenience.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper™ with multifunctional access points
The Safety Sleeper is durable, portable and enclosed to keep your loved one safe and secure at night.

Stabilizing straps

To ensure additional stability to support older children and adults or rambunctious activity, we offer stabilizing straps to avoid bed tipping or moving.
» Add additional stability to your Safety Sleeper™ with stabilizing straps

Note: The stabilizing straps are used to secure the safety sleeper frame to your existing bedframe. 
A beds for children with special needs.

Attachment Loops

To allow for fun and organization within your bed, our six loops attachment can be installed on the roof of the enclosure to be used for items intended for hanging.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper™ with attachment loops
Enclosed bed for special needs children

Inside pocket

Our 8" X 10" pocket can be used for storing communication devices, toys, eye glasses or other items valuable to your loved one when using The Safety Sleeper™.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper™ with an inside storage pocket
A comforting safe space for your special needs child.

Additional coverlets / mattress pad for easy care

Purchase additional coverlets to ensure easy transitions between bed washings and security during spills and accidents. For added comfort and protection include a mattress pad in your order.
» Add additional coverlets or mattress pad for more convenience and comfort
Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone