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Since the beginning of time, stories have been a part of our lives. Communities are built through telling stories, stories that share common experience, laughter, and lessons.

Through your stories, we learn. We learn new skills, we learn we are not alone, and we learn how to put life into perspective.

Abram's Nation showcases one story a month on our blog and e-newsletter to support and encourage other families.

We invite you to share a testimonial about The Safety Sleeper or a story about your special loved one. Our I'm Special Because blog gives parents the opportunity to share the things that make your child special, beyond any special needs diagnosis they may have.

Does your child like to ride their bike? Perhaps they like to build with blocks, sing, cook, or just really love their family. We'd love to hear what truly makes your loved one special.

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Use the form to submit your name, your child's name, photos, contact information, and a paragraph about what makes your loved one special. Try to include photos of your loved one doing that special activity.

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