Abram's Nation: The Safety Sleeper™

Why us?

The Safety Sleeper™ is built with you and your family at the heart of every stitch. It is:

» Fully enclosed

The Safety Sleeper™ is a fully enclosed bed system that will provide you the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is secure, tucked safely away from any danger. The Safety Sleeper™ does not only help prevent your loved one from unattended wandering, but also empowers him to wind down and go to sleep on his own by reducing visual stimulation and the opportunity to play or roam.

» Durable

The Safety Sleeper™ is built from durable materials to stand up against melt-downs, jumping, pulling, pushing or anything else your loved one may attempt during activity and play while winding down for the night.

» Portable
A travel bed and enclosed safe bed in one.

The Safety Sleeper™ travels with you. We know the struggles families with special needs go through when away on vacation or even visiting family. The Safety Sleeper™ bed system is portable, so your loved one will feel right at home wherever your travels may take you.

The portable bed can be assembled in a few minutes.

Our beds are easy to transport, weighing less than 20 LBS and come with a durable suitcase.

» Custom-build for you
The Safety Sleeper can be customized to your special needs to support patients with Autism, Seizures, Epilepsy, Angelman’s Syndrome or Alzheimer's.

The Safety Sleeper™ bed is built just for you! A "one size fits all" bed system will rarely meet all your loved ones needs – Each person is “custom created” so shouldn’t their bed be the same? The Safety Sleeper™ offers a variety of custom solutions to make your bed system the most comfortable and secure it can be for your loved one.

» Safe and secure
A safe beds for special needs children offering a safe space for comfort and to calm down.

Our beds go above and beyond safety to offer your family additional levels of security so everyone can rest easy all night long.

  • Our extra safety zipper system provides extra safety at each entrance of The Safety Sleeper™ bed. A hook & loop system is connected to the zipper head of each entrance and is secured to the roof of the enclosure. This ensures your loved one cannot accidently open the enclosed bed and fall into a dangerous situation.
  • Our fire retardant material adds an extra level of security. Our fire retardant material slows down the spread of the fire and improves the opportunity for safe escape.
  • Our stabilizing straps secure The Safety Sleeper™ to any twin or full size bed frames to eliminate tipping and moving of the bed.
  • Our coverlets offer a variety of benefits from easy removal for washing and changing to eliminating the threat of entrapment. This coverlet ensures that nothing can slip between the mattress and The Safety Sleeper™ enclosure.
  • Additional back zipper webbing so your loved one cannot get to any of the opening mechanisms from inside the bed; The Safety Sleeper™ completely contains your loved one in a secure non-threatening structure.
  • Extra frame padding to add another layer of safety and soft comfort for your loved one.
  • Double stitching to ensure the enclosures will stand the test of time and wear and tear.
» Perfect in size

Size does matter. The Safety Sleeper™ is large enough that your loved one can move around comfortably yet small enough that you don’t have to re-arrange the whole bedroom around their bed.

Why The Safety Sleeper™?
Because with The Safety Sleeper™ you will get the most value for your investment.

What other fully enclosed bed system offers this kind of durability, portability and customization in one product?

Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone